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What is PSG?

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) allows business owners to adopt pre-scoped IT solutions, equipment, and consultancy services to improve productivity with financial support from the government

Who Can Apply for PSG?

You are eligible for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG Singapore) if:

Group 72

Your business is an entity that is registered and operating in Singapore.

Group 73

Your company has a minimum of 30% local shareholding.

Group 74

If your company belongs to a Corporate Group, the Company’s Group annual sales turnover should be not more than S$100 million, OR Company’s Group employment size should be no more than 200 employees.

Group 75

Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT Solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore.

Our Marketing Solutions For You - Up to 50% OFF

SuperMom is a PSG approved vendor with 4 Supermom Digital Marketing Solutions that can make a difference in boosting your business growth. With our needs-based approach, we can help you to achieve your business goals with these specially designed digital marketing strategies.

*Limited Quantity Available

Group 76

Survey Insights + Social Media Advertising

With an outreach of over half a million young families and female millennial consumers in Singapore, Supermom can help our partners to gather very useful data insights about their target audience, their brand interests, perceptions and purchase preferences to power up your next marketing campaign.

Coupled with the insights gathered, we leverage on our expertise to help you curate specific marketing messages on social media to achieve maximum advertising results, cost effectively and at scale and speed.


Email Marketing + Social Media Advertising

We have assisted business partners to leverage on the power of email marketing over the last decade to access and engage their target audience achieve best open rates. This would include a carefully curated concoction of email titling, content copywriting and image selection with strategic placement to achieve maximum results.

Maximize your marketing results potential when you strategically couple email marketing with re-targeting ads to engage your target audience further.


Influencer Marketing + Social Media Advertising

Power up your marketing campaign with a proven combination of user generated content and strategic social media amplification.

This solution allows you to harness the power of crowd influencing and benefit from peer to peer recommendations to increase talk-ability about your brand, product or service amongst your target audience.

Research studies have also proven that User Generated Content (UGC) have 11x higher ROI compared to Paid Generated Content (PGC) and we will help you formulate winning social media advertising strategies to amplify the outreach to your target audience using these authentic reviews generated by your real users. No extra loading fees, no expiry date to UGC usage!


Lead Generation Marketing + Social Media Advertising

Our Lead Generation Marketing solution can help you feed your hungry sales team and maximize your budget with our pay-by-performance-only system.

With over 100 lead generation campaigns under our belt, we will help you curate the campaign set up, strategy and execution to generate new user acquisition cost effectively and at scale and speed.

Further engage with your new users to build long term relationships through carefully curated marketing content on social media.

PSG Grant Application Process


Step 1

Request a consultation


Step 2

If there is a fit, a quote will be provided


Step 3

Submit PSG application at the government portal


Step 4

Accept the letter of offer


Step 5

Accept the letter of offer

Group 76

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We help win mind and market shares with extraordinary speed.

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