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A powerful digital platform for everything a family needs

Supermom is a digital technology platform that connects brands to parents, authorities, and local communities, forming a robust ecosystem and network that help enrich the lives of families. Through the experience of millions of parenting journeys, we created a bank of shared collective wisdom among our community. Parents receive valuable tips listening to influential real mothers affectionately known as Key Opinion Moms or KOMs in the Supermom community and gain confidence from brand and industry experts about what’s best for the family.

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Harnessing the wisdom of technology for business

We use big data collection, machine learning, and natural language processing for core insights that give businesses the edge they need in a digital world. From data-driven marketing to authentic, convincing UGC, our team of data scientists and developers push the best of tech to where it matters most in the customer journey.

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A win-win situation for families and businesses

Supermom benefits the individual, businesses, and, ultimately, the community at large. Our mission-centric approach means we care for the well-being of the whole family. Parents gain from a plethora of opinions, brands gain satisfied new customers, and the community grows because of a richer database.

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