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Endulge SkinMedic

Learn How Endulge SkinMedic, in collaboration with Supermom, achieved a media impact value of $56,676 while expanding brand awareness and trust among busy women and moms aged 25-35 in Singapore's competitive skincare market.

Brand Introduction:

Endulge SkinMedic is a premium skincare brand offering a unique solution for busy women and moms aged 25-35, with gentle yet effective products and non-invasive treatments. Their flagship product, the Microneedle Serum, is a game-changer in the skincare industry.

Challenges Faced:

Saturated market with established players.

Need to build awareness and trust with busy women/moms.

Need to effectively communicate unique selling points for differentiation.



  • Educate the target audience on the benefits of microneedle serum for effective home-based skincare treatments and self-care routines.
  • Leverage the influence of Key Opinion Moms (KOMs) to increase brand credibility and awareness.
  • Drive lead generation and customer acquisition through strategic, targeted social media advertising.


Supermom implemented a two-pronged strategy focused on content marketing and precision targeting:

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Crowd Influence

Identified and collaborated with 30 KOMs to create user-generated content (UGC) showcasing experiences with Endulge's innovative microneedle serum technology


Social Media Advertising

Executed targeted social media advertising campaigns highlighting Endulge's unique selling propositions, such as patented microneedle technology, functional bottle design, and association with South Korean GMP-certified lab.


The campaign achieved remarkable results, surpassing all targets and delivering a media impact value of $56,676, effectively raising brand awareness and driving lead generation for Endulge SkinMedic.


The campaign significantly exceeded expectations. Initial targets were 60,000 reach, 180,000 impressions, and $14,533 media impact value.

233,988 Total Reach

(289% above the target)

701,964 Total Impressions

(289% above the target)

$56,676 Media Impact Value

(290% above the target)