Dancow, a subsidiary of Nestlé Indonesia, has been a trusted name in the Indonesian milk industry since 1979. The brand offers a range of high-quality milk products for babies and children aged 1-6+, with guaranteed quality and reliability for Indonesian families.

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Discover how Supermom's data-driven lead generation campaign helped Dancow connect with their target audience and significantly boost customer acquisition, delivering results that surpassed the campaign's goals.

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Supermom crafted a tailored campaign that focused on attracting Indonesian parents with children aged 1-12 years old. The campaign combined a user-friendly data collection process with attractive incentives, such as voucher codes for Dancow 1+ products at Indomaret and a grand prize of a portable air cooler, to encourage participation and gather valuable insights.


  • Delivered up to 98% fresh leads

  • Only 2% overlap with Dancow's existing database

  • 8.2% deduplication rate across Nestlé brands

  • More than a 91.4% increase in new data leads for Nestlé



The primary objective of the campaign was to help Dancow acquire verified first-party data to better understand and connect with Indonesian parents.



The 3-month lead generation campaign ran from March to May 2023. Targeting Indonesian moms with children between 1-12 years old, participants provided their personal information through a registration process which was verified by Supermom within 5 working days to ensure accuracy and eligibility.



clean leads acquired out of 3,688 gross leads within 28 days


performance of the initial KPI target


fresh leads delivered, with only 2% overlap with Dancow's existing database

"The Supermom Leadgen Campaign for DANCOW was a resounding success. Supermom exceeded goals by completing the campaign within 21 days, overachieving KPI by 119%. They delivered up to 98% fresh leads, with dedupe rates of 2% against Dancow's database and 8.2% across Nestle brands. Supermom's expertise in lead generation and exceptional results make them highly recommended partners." - Dancow Indonesia