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Learn how strategic Key Opinion Mom engagement helped Beautech's Gamarde differentiate itself in the crowded baby skincare space. By leveraging authentic testimonials and UGC, the campaign exceeded goals for reach, impressions, and media value.


Effectively reach and resonate with young health-conscious mothers to boost market share for Gamarde's organic, sensitive skin-friendly products


Engaged 30 Key Opinion Moms to authentically review and share opinions on Gamarde's mineral sunscreen to their communities. Further amplification via UGC showcasing product benefits.


Achieved a 223% increase over goals for total reach (210,099), impressions (630,297), and media value ($50,890). The UGC strategy effectively communicated unique
selling points.


Strategically harness influencers and user-generated content to highlight Gamarde's pediatrician-tested, chemical-free skincare qualities and organically reach the target young mom demographic.



Curated 30 Key Opinion Moms known for their health-conscious follower bases to genuinely test and review Gamarde’s mineral sunscreen. These influencers shared UGC to their profiles and Supermom’s communities. Messaging concentrated on product safety, organic ingredients, and sensitivity.

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  • 210,099 total reach (223% over goal)
  • 630,297 impressions (223% over goal)
  • $50,890 media value (239% over goal)
  • Effectively communicated unique mineral, organicpositioning to intended mothers group based on relatable, authentic advocacy


Collaborating with the right KOLs/KOMs to share genuine sentiments can profoundly impact brand messaging and growth. By leveraging bespoke UGC and community engagement, Beautech meaningfully penetrated the contested skincare industry to reach its target demographic. This accentuates how strategic influencer partnerships built on authenticity and shared values provide an agile avenue for brands to creatively differentiate themselves.