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Supermom Brand Awards 2024 - Parents

2024 Supermom Brand Award Results

What the Supermom Brand Awards 2024 is About

Since 2018, Supermom Brand Awards have been recognizing the best products and services to help moms make their lifestyle decisions for themselves and their families. This is in line with Supermom’s mission to empower millions of families across SEA  to live better and smarter. For the first time, Supermom Brand Awards will be launched across 5 SEA  markets – Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and invites families to vote for their favourite family brands. This is the first brand awards for families across SEA that quantifies brand trust,  100% consumer-VOTED

There are a total of 18 categories for this Awards.

Dr Lau Kong Cheen

“The Supermom Awards are a reflection of trusted brands voted by thousands of mothers which helps them to make everyday smart choices for their families.”

Dr. Lau Kong Cheen.

Chairman of the Board of Advisory of Supermom Brand Awards 2024  | Associate Professor of Marketing, Singapore University of Social Sciences

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Our Board of Advisors

Supermom Brand Awards 2024 Advisors
Supermom Brand Awards 2024 Advisors

How the Supermom Brands Awards 2024 Benefit Brands

As this is a 100% consumer-voted Awards, all results generated from this Awards will allow winning brands to directly benefit from: 

  • Brand Recognition
  • Brand Credibility
  • Brand Trust & Approval by Real Consumer

Winning brands will be invited to feature their CXOs in short form video interview clips to share more about their reflections from the Awards and enjoy free publicity on Supermom’s channels. Brands will also have the option to consider various marketing packages offered by Supermom that can enable them to further maximize exposure to their target customers. This would involve brand activation through crowd influence, crowd intelligence and more!  

Get in touch with our Supermom Team to find out more.

A Business for Good

Supermom seeks to empower millions of families across South East Asia to live better and smarter and would like to take this opportunity to invite our community to support the following beneficiaries by donating the participation fees earned by each consumer at this Brand Awards:

Supermom Brand Awards 2024 Certification

All voters will have the option to donate their survey earnings to their local beneficiary - click YES to the last question on the survey to donate your survey earnings and make an impact to the lives of others in the country!

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