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Lifebuoy Malaysia

Learn how Supermom's campaign turned Lifebuoy Malaysia's vision into action, engaging 50 KOMs for Lifebuoy's Total Protect Handwash. Achieving a reach of 502,500, over 1.5 million impressions, and 5,378 engagements


To boost Lifebuoy Malaysia's brand awareness and reinforce its commitment to family health and hygiene.


Engaged 50 Key Opinion Moms to trial and share their experiences with Lifebuoy's Total Protect Vitamins Handwash on social media, focusing on its effectiveness and health benefits.


The campaign achieved a total reach of 502,500, surpassing the target by 3X. It also generated 1,507,500 impressions and garnered 5,378 engagements. The total media value impacted was an impressive $121,716, highlighting the campaign's success in driving engagement and brand visibility.


To enhance Lifebuoy Malaysia's brand impact and promote family hygiene awareness through effective community engagement.

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The campaign strategically engaged 50 Key Opinion Moms (KOMs) who tried Lifebuoy's Total Protect Vitamins Handwash. These influencers shared their personal stories and experiences, highlighting the product's benefits for family health and hygiene on various social media platforms.

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This detailed approach resulted in:

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The high engagement shows strong interest in Lifebuoy's messaging. The substantial media value reflects the effectiveness of the campaign and KOMs in advancing Lifebuoy's health and hygiene awareness causes.

By strategically engaging customers in an authentic way, Lifebuoy Malaysia increased reach and engagement around its social initiatives to promote family health and hygiene. This shows the value of community marketing focused on relevant social causes, rather than solely brand promotion.