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Through Supermom's PSG-supported digital marketing solutions, Kinofy's innovative health products reached over 200K consumers, with KOMs-led campaigns driving significant community engagement and brand visibility.


Boost Kinofy's brand awareness using Supermom's digital marketing and PSG grant.


Engage Key Opinion Moms to create and share content about Kinofy products, focusing on personal experiences to build trust and increase visibility.


Campaign reached over 230,000 people and generated more than 700,000 impressions, greatly increasing Kinofy's visibility and media impact, valued at over $57,000.

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The campaign utilised 30 Key Opinion Moms to generate 30 unique user-generated contents. These influencers focused on Kinofy's standout products like Wellsure, Bio-Booster, and Eyebright. They shared their experiences on social media platforms and within closed groups, creating a buzz around Kinofy's products. The approach was to use real-life testimonials to build trust and authenticity in the brand.


This strategy resulted in over 230,000 views and 700,000 impressions, substantially increasing Kinofy's brand exposure. The campaign's media impact was valued at over $57,000, showcasing the effectiveness of the influencer-led approach.


Supermom's PSG-backed digital strategy for Kinofy demonstrates the strength of influencer marketing in enhancing brand recognition and engagement. The campaign's success in exceeding visibility and impact goals highlights the potential of community-based marketing in the health and beauty sector.