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Bee Cheng Hiang

How Bee Cheng Hiang leveraged PSG-powered digital marketing solutions to transform their social media reach through Supermom's authentic KOMs-led narratives for the new grillery bistro.


To boost Bee Cheng Hiang's new grillery bistro market presence.



Supermom's solution involved a tailord digital marketing, package combining crowd influence marketing with social media exposure. 30 Key Opinion Moms were activated to create and share authetic content about their experiences at Bee Cheng Hiang's Grillery, utilising their influence in arenting and lifestyle groups online.



The campaign markedly surpassed its targets: achieving a total reach of 207,500, which was 245.83% above the estimated 60,000. Impressions hit 622,500, exceeding the 180,000 goal by the same percentage. The impact on media value was significant, reaching S$50,260, far surpassing the estimated S$14,533. This demonstrated the potent effect of Supermom's strategy in amplifying Bee Cheng Hiang's brand presence and engagement in Singapore's F&B sector.

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The campaign involved the activation of 30 Key Opinion Moms (KOMs), each creating and completing a dedicated post. These KOMs visited Bee Cheng Hiang's Grillery and curated authentic content based on their experiences. This content, ranging from reviews to visual storytelling, was shared across various social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram

Additionally, the KOMs leveraged their influence within parenting and lifestyle closed groups, enhancing peer-to-peer recommendations. This strategic aproach ensured widespread and impactful exposure for Bee Cheng Hiang's new dining experience, resonating deeply within the community.


The campaign significantly outperformed its objectives, with a total reach of 207,500 and 622,500 impressions, both exceeding targets by over 245%. The media impact value achieved was S$50,260, greatly surpassing the estimated S$14,533.


This Supermom and Bee Cheng Hiang campaign, supported by the PSG Digital Marketing Solutions Grant, effectively showcases the impact of targeted, influencer-driven marketing. Achieving remarkable results, it underscores the power of authentic engagement in boosting brand presence in Singapore's F&B industry.